Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pain, Pain, Go Away...

...and DON'T come back another day...

I went to bed Friday night with a horrible headache beginning...woke up early Saturday morning with it still beating me up, and had to go back to bed shortly after getting up because it turned into a full-fledged migraine.  Its kept me out of commission pretty much all weekend and all this week until today...woke up today pain-free...eagerly got on the laptop, and within an hour, the headache was poking me, as if to say, "Hey! Hey you! Remember me? I'm baaaaaack...."

Stupid migraines.

And what is up with this weather?  My bones can't decide what to feel the past two weeks.  Last week it dropped down to the 30s at night, and never got above the upper 40s or maybe low 50s during the was so nice! hit 83 on my outside thermometer today...which is actually a sensor that we keep in the shade on our porch, and the temperature is displayed on a wall clock inside our house, that also shows the temperature in our home as well.  Its probably the nicest "gift" Justin got from one of his employers at date anyway.  But I digress.  EIGHTY-THREE degrees...on December 14th...I love living here, but sometimes I miss the cold weather too...I spent one winter in Virginia and one winter in upstate NY, and I really do miss "real" snow sometimes.  I know if I lived in it all the time I wouldn't miss it as much, but seeing as I've only got two winters to remember in almost forty-two years of living...I'm able to look back fondly.

So between the crazy weather, the headaches and migraines, and the general achiness from getting old, I'm so over the past week.  Here's to hoping the pain goes away soon and I can get back to enjoying my Christmas season!

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