Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas, In Spite of the Spoilsports!

I'm sorry if I offend, but I gotta get this off my mind. I'm so tired of people "educating" me about the Christmas tree, and how Christmas is just Winter Solstice made over to make the transition to Christianity easier. I KNOW THIS. It does not change the fact that we've taken the Christmas tree (originally a pagan symbol) as a symbol of ours, nor does it change the fact that this is the time of year we celebrate. Instead of insulting every Christian who posts Merry Christmas, or talks about the Christmas tree, why can't we just agree to get along? As old as our world is, and as long as humanity has sought a greater power to explain the mysteries of life, we're bound to have many things that are the same, similar, or outright copied from other cultures. It happens. And my fellow Christians, by all means, feel free to stand your ground and wish people a Merry Christmas, but if they get all up in your grill, don't get all up in theirs back, because that defeats the reason for the season. Be a bigger person. I for one am not offended if someone wishes me Happy Holidays because they don't celebrate, or Happy Hanukah (spelling?) because they're Jewish, or whatever the case may be. If your religion makes you happy, and you want to share it, then do so! This does NOT mean "shove it down others' throats" however. Just lets all enjoy our holiday, remember why we celebrate it, and love one another if possible. If not, well, try to hold yourself to a higher standard anyway. I've been guilty of thoughtlessly posting things that seemed I was shoving my faith down others' throats...and I've apologized and removed it. I will NOT apologize for believing in God, or celebrating Christmas, but there's a fine line between sharing and shoving IMO. I am TIRED TIRED TIRED of "inclusion" meaning everything unless its Christian, which so often is the case lately. Let's celebrate our diversity, and get on with life.

*rant ended*

By the way, this started because while out at the store earlier, someone was raising money for "abused children", with signage portraying Christmas trees and Santa Clauses, that SAID "During this Christmas season..." I dropped some money in the bucket, and wished the person a Merry Christmas, and got my rear end chewed for the trouble. I just smiled and told said person I knew the history of the tree and the "seasonal celebration" (they were trying to "educate" me), and to have a nice day and then I left, but inside I was seething. This PC stuff is going too far when you advertise for donations, using Christmas signage and words, and then get offended when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas. That's wanting your cake and eating it too.

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