Monday, December 5, 2011

Another "Gaming" Post

Soooooo I've finally gotten back into gaming recently.  Back in the spring, I got into Rift...a really fun MMORG that put WoW to shame in many respects, especially in the battles against the rifts themselves.  But, then I was sick over the summer, in and out of the hospital and surgery, and when I started playing again, I just started playing WoW again because 99% of my friends play that and not Rift.  Something was missing though...I set out to achieve Loremaster on my 85 hunter, and rack up achievements in general, but still felt something was lacking.  I just wasn't enjoying the game anymore.  I've really hated Cataclysm in me, the best expansion has always been Wrath of the Lich King.

Then I made a priest...and actually decided last week to start playing her.  OMG (that's "Oh my gravy," for those of you who don't know me LOL).  I LOVE her.  I've never attempted a healer in six years of playing WoW because frankly, I don't understand all that stuff about the stats and gear scores and iLevels and such, and it was all I could do to play my hunter or occasional warlock or mage all that well.  But...with the help of an addon called "Healium," I have found my niche at long last.  Everyone needs a healer.  PUGs take almost no time in queue for a healer.  I don't even queue for DPS at all I'm enjoying healing so much. the ultimate compliment...I entered an instance in a random PUG (Pick-Up Group for you non-gamer types lol), and one of the DPS in the group, who I'd run with a couple times over the weekend, got excited and told the rest of the group he'd run with me before and what an awesome healer I am.  Wow.  I've NEVER had that was awesome.

So...I'm back into gaming, in a big, big way.  My guild is running Naxx this Friday...I'm level 65 and hoping I can make it to 80 by then so I can join in and get some great gear and much-needed raid-healing experience.  I still don't understand the finer points of the game (all those numbers...I hate math...sheesh) but I'm having so much fun, and its a nice escape from the daily pain and monotony of this thing I call life.

Anyone who plays WoW...come play with me!

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  1. So glad to see you are still with us and are enjoying gaming again :-) Hope you, Justin, Jared, katie, Bekah are doing well. *HUGS*