Friday, January 27, 2012

My Thoughts on the Presidential Election This Year

I know I should be more serious about the upcoming Presidential election, but here are the facts as relating to me:

1) I can never ever vote for Obama.  I had hopes when he was elected (though I didn't vote for him) and he's dashed those hopes.  He hasn't done a good job IMO and we are most definitely (my family) worse off now than we were four years ago.  AND I'm sick of him STILL blaming Bush.  At some point, you have to take responsibility.

2) I can't understand Newt's popularity.  The man has proven his character and his "capabilities" many times in the past few decades.  Why is he suddenly qualified for President NOW because he's "changed."  Um...I don't think so. He just wants to get elected.

3) I don't like Mitt for the same reasons.  I don't believe he'll stick to what he's campaigning for when/if he becomes President.  I think the minute push comes to shove, he'll flop to whichever position suits him personally the best.  I don't like that.  I may not agree with everything you stand for or like or believe in, but if you stick to your guns about it, I WILL respect you.  If you flop whichever way the wind blows, you don't deserve my time.

4) Santorum and Paul...I actually really like much of what they say...but I don't think they'd be even close to the right President we need right now.  With Paul, I'd worry about my national security and foreign policy.  With Santorum, I'd worry that the advances we've made for gay rights would go backwards.

So what's the gist?  In my case, my vote, as it was in 2008, will be written in, and therefor "wasted."  I will NOT vote for a candidate in the hopes that Obama will be voted out of office if I don't have confidence that candidate will do a good job.  We don't need to be jumping out of the fying pan into the fire.

I'm sick and tired of not having a good candidate for President.  The "decent" folks are either put out of the race early on by negative media attacks (many proven unfounded months after its "too late"), or won't run to begin with because they don't want to drag their families through the mud that's going to get slung at them during the campaigning. 

This is really sad when you think about it.  Even good, honorable, strong people will back down when their families are threatened, or when they just can't take the personal attacks anymore.  That prevents the people we REALLY need in Washington from ever making it there.  Really, when you think about it, egomaniacs, liars, thieves, and basically dishonorable people are pretty much running our country.  No matter how good the intentions, once they get to Washington, the city itself changes them, and not for the better.

I firmly believe we should have term limits on ANY elected office.  It just makes sense.  It would help, in my opinion, keep politicians a little more honest, because if they're genuine people, they wouldn't be there long enough to get corrupted (hopefully).  Sure, there'd still be the exceptions to the rule...bad people will do bad things...but it would HELP.

But, that's another kettle of fish for another day.  This year, my vote will be wasted.  I don't care that people who feel like me, and vote their conscience, will be accused of "reelecting" Obama.  We need more people to stand up for what they believe, and not give in to pressure from peers, parties, etc.  I'm a proud Independent, and though I lean VERY Conservative, I also have some Liberal points of view.  I have ALWAYS, since I registered to vote in March of 1988, voted my conscience, and for the person, not the party.  We need more people who feel that way.  We need more PARTIES.  We need more representation for as many of our citizens as possible, not just citizens of "the big two."  I was thrilled at the rise of the Tea Party...not because I agree with them necessarily (I don't with much of their agenda), but because it was the first time in Lord knows how long that we had a viable party besides Republicans and Democrats.

No, I will not vote for Obama.  I will not vote for the Republican candidate this year either.  In 2008, I wrote in "Michael Huckabee" because he was my candidate of choice...I didn't agree with everything he said (I'm pro-gay marriage for instance) but I did believe he had a good plan, and would do what he said during his campaign.  This year, I will most likely write in "Herman Cain," for the same reason.  Herman wasn't perfect, but he never claimed to be.  What the MSM (main stream media) did to him was disgusting and shameful.  I'm really discouraged by our current slate of "choices."  More of the same does not mean you have "choice" just because there's more than one candidate.

Maybe one day, we'll have an honest person campaign.  Then again, an honest person would probably be torn apart by the MSM and members of his/her own party.  Its sad...very sad...and doesn't give me much hope for my children's futures.

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